The members of the association have been involved in cabbage production for many years. They mainly specialize in growing cabbage suitable for fermentation. The entire production of cabbage has been traditionally processed in the town of Hlohovec by ANDACO s.r.o. By bringing together the producers with the processor, we can provide our customers with an integrated production procedure.

Since the entire cabbage production that is processed by ANDACO s.r.o. comes from the fields owned by the members of Zeleninárska association, we can directly impact the entire production process starting with the selection of varieties, through choosing the lands used for farming, farming procedures to the timing of the gathering and slicing. This way, we can guarantee a top-quality product. The process of fermentation takes place in modern facilities, using traditional lactic procedures of fermentation so that cabbage maintains its nutritional value, probiotic bacteria and natural vitamin C.

Production of fermented cabbage in numbers


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