Celery is a new type of vegetable in the association’s portfolio for 2019. Celery is a tasty root vegetable with lots of vitamins, trace elements and, thanks to its essential oils content, an unmistakable aroma. Celery is a demanding plant in terms of heat, nutrients and moisture.

By meeting these requirements, it is expected that Slovak consumers will be able to buy domestically grown celery again after several years. For 2019, celery production is planned on 10 ha of farmland.

Celery varieties for 2019

  • Alpha – variable variety with the possibility of growing throughout the season. It has got a round shape and high-quality white flesh.
  • Markiz – a rapidly growing tuber without the tendency to lignify which makes it particularly suitable for industrial processing
  • Rex – a variety characterized by fast growth and high yield. Ideal for storage with tubers of uniform size. A reliable variety suitable for extreme conditions.