Once a widely-grown crop in our fields, Slovak garlic has, over the past 20 years, been pushed out of the market by imports from Chine and Spain. Our mission is to offer this delicacy to our customers as a locally grown product. Zeleninárska has been intensively growing garlic for the past five years. In 2019, we will have a production area of 62, while extending the storage capacity accordingly. The plan is to produce approximately 700 tons of domestically grown garlic by 2021.

We plant our garlic in autumn, at the end of October. The soil cannot be warmer than 8°C so that the garlic will not sprout until spring. A harsh winter and freezing temperatures could damage the planted crops and reduce the yield. Our garlic, in comparison with the southern regions, has a higher concentration of allicins, which gives the garlic its unmistakable taste and aroma. We gather the garlic in the second half of June, drying all of the produce. Thus, we offer our customers dried garlic only.

Garlic varieties for 2019

  • MORADO – late harvest, sought after for its strong garlic taste and aroma. Unique due to its notable purple colouring of the clove’s inner peels. Average of 8 – 10 cloves.
  • MESSIDOR - medium-early harvest, average of 10 – 15 white cloves, very fine white garlic
  • GARCUA – medium-early harvest, average of 10 – 15 white cloves
  • AJO BLANCO – early harvest, 10 – 15 cloves, snow-white in colour