The Zeleninárska company associates onion producers farming on an area of more than 510 ha. This makes it the largest producer of this crop on the local market.

Nowadays, we offer our customers domestically grown onion throughout the year. This success is owned to the sufficient area of winter onion that is sown in autumn. This way, we can market it fully-peeled as early as in mid-June. In August, the winter onion is continuously replaced by spring-sown onion that is gathered from mid-August until mid-September. The latter is then dried in modern warehouses and stored, with the help of mechanical refrigeration, until June.

From the total area of onion, we grow red onion on 40 ha and in small quantities we also grow white onion and shallot. The grown varieties include: Panther, Galatea, Pinguin, Medusa, Crokett, Legend, Lamika, Vitez, Rowhide, Electric, Lisa, Red lady.