The packing site of the Zeleninárska s.r.o. company takes place in the town Kostolná pri Dunaji, in the area of the former agricultural cooperative.

The packing site provides permanent employment to more than 80 people. It packs more than 60 thousand tons of potatoes and onion every year.

There’s an undergoing expansion of the site, which aims to bring new production, expedition, workshop and social places on an area of 6000 square metres.

The packing site is a place where the products of our farmers get the form of final products. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with more than 50.000 tons of potatoes and vegetables from fields of our farmers, while our goal is to support them in the good work and bring them to produce even more on their farm, so we can once provide 100% of our goods from our own production.

Here, the cooperation of packers and growers appears to be very successful, where both levels in the supply chain work closely together, to improve quality, which we perceive as a never-ending process.