Pepper is the second new type of vegetable to be included in the crop rotation process among members of the association in 2019. For this year, a production on 8 ha of farmland is planned.

The reason for growing pepper in field conditions is its unmistakable aroma, colour and taste, which can only be achieved by field cultivation. Pepper grown this way has already this appeared from the shops in Slovakia. This year, the success of pepper cultivation in field conditions will be decisive for the increase of areas of pepper production in the following years.

Pepper varieties for 2019

  • Bravia – fruits with higher weight, conical shape and smooth skin. Suitable for both early and late planting.
  • Brody – an early variety of pepper, high amount of fruits of conical shape per plant
  • Dinamica – a new type of bell pepper with larger fruits of vibrant red colour. Fruits are durable and suitable for sale and processing.
  • Kaprex – meaty, green-red pepper. A quality variety that is not prone to bending during transportation and selling.
  • Kaprima – a high yield variety. Suitable for consumption and for processing. Balanced amount of fruits from the beginning to the end of the harvest.
  • Kapro – glossy dark red pepper with high sugar content. Suitable for direct consumption and for processing.
  • Kaptur – a large green-red pepper with high content of dry matter and sugar. This variety is suitable for processing.
  • Pirouet – a very early variety. A heavy green fleshy variety that turns orange after ripening.