Andaco s.r.o. is a manufacturer of fermented cabbage, with more than 20 years of tradition. Since its inception, it has been developed as the largest processor of cabbages in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today it operates in both of these markets. You can find it’s products on the shelves of many merchants.

In 2016, ANDACO s.r.o. closely interconnected with Zeleninárska s.r.o. and now, besides having one owner, they have linked their activities across the vertical.

Zeleninárska s.r.o. secures the cultivation of raw materials in the fields of growers from the village Kráľová pri Senci and transport to Hlohovec, where Andaco s.r.o. freshly harvested cabbage rocks, salts, spices and let it ferment without air access in the special 20-cubic pools.

Fermented cabbage from Andaco s.r.o. is produced in a traditional way, the only difference being that you are fermenting at home in a 25-50 liter jar and at Andaco s.r.o. we do it in a 20,000-liter pool.

Andaco s.r.o. has a capacity of 230 such pools and has enough capacity to offer their customers their own cabbage throughout the whole year.

The already fermented cabbage is then filled with modern packaging machines into packages, which then travel to the shelves of your favorite merchants.

Check this: Fermented cabbage Andaco – the winner of independent test of fermented cabbages in Czech and Slovak republic in year 2018!

Address and contact
Andaco s.r.o.
Nitrianska 99
92001 Hlohovec

IČO: 362316690
IČ DPH: SK2020172935

Mgr. Marián Borovský
Phone: 00421 917 786 687