Environmentally safe procedures and stables production, all in one.

production of vegetables

Our vegetables always get fresh to you, in the shortest amount of time possible after being collected. During the season, our products can be found in stores on the second day after harvest, despite the need for cleaning, sorting, and packaging. Off-season, the products must be stores before they are delivered to the customer. This is also true for products that require additional drying. We store our products using the latest techniques and procedures, thus ensuring our vegetables retain their freshness while being stored.

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1: Field

Integrated production of vegetables and modern crop collecting technologies ensure their high quality and freshness.

2: Warehouse

Keeping the quality of vegetables without compromise. Maintaining their nutritional value and freshness.

3: Sorting and packing

Sorting and packing vegetables in-house is the next step towards a more efficient distribution of vegetables.

4: Transport

Sorted and packed vegetables get to our partners – grocery stores – In the least amount of time possible.

5: Customer

Thanks to the precision of our production and logistics, our vegetables get to your plate on the second day after being collected.


Association of producers

The Zeleninárska association of producers was established in 2004 and its main goal was to bring together producers of vegetables to meet the needs of a developing segment of retail store chains in the region. The first crops that the members of our association began to produce and sell together were potatoes. In addition to potatoes, the association has become a significant producer of onion, cabbage, garlic, carrot and parsley over the years.

Since 2015, the Zeleninárska association of producers has been registered under the registration number 001/2643/720/2015 as an organization of producers of onion, cabbage, root vegetables and other types of vegetables (fresh or refrigerated).

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Our producers are concentrated in the area of upper Žitný ostrov and the southern part of the region of Považie, in the western part of Slovakia. This area is bordered by the city of Bratislava and the towns of Trnava, Galanta and Dunajská Streda.

Dry, warm continental climate
Excellent availability of irrigation water
Wide range of different types of soil

This allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of vegetables with high quality and stable yield.


Our production


Potatoes were at the birth of the Zeleninárska company and still constitute its major source of income. In addition to the constant search for new varieties that producers are involved in year after year, great emphasis is also placed on planning and conditions of the production.

The production area of potatoes is 1000 ha

Yellow and red side dish potatoes, yellow and red salad potatoes

Potato production


Nowadays, we offer our customers domestically grown onion throughout the year. This success is owed to the sufficient area of winter onion that is sown in autumn. This way, we can market it fully-peeled as early as in mid-June.

Production area of onion is more than 510 ha/p>

Winter onion, early-gatherable Japanese varieties, onion stored in boxes in refrigerated warehouses

Onion production